Customer Survey August 2016

AoFAQ Anonymous Centre Satisfaction Survey.

Every year we carry out a centre customer survey to assist us in keeping our standards high and fulfilling our centres expectations. We are delighted with the results which are displayed below.

I wish to personally thank all who participated in this important survey.

David Arnold - Director AoFA Qualifications.                       

 Survey Question

 Percentage Liked or Agreed Positively

How well do AofAQ qualifications suit your needs?

97% of our Centres stated that AoFAQ suit their needs as a Training Provider

How supportive have AoFAQ been to your questions or concerns about their qualifications?

95% of our Centres reflected that AoFAQ were supportive in handling their questions and concerns

In terms of satisfaction, how do AoFAQ compare to other Awarding Organisations?

90% of our Centres stated that AoFAQ satisfied them more so than other Awarding Organisations

How would you rate the value for money of AoFAQ Qualifications?

98% of our Centres rated AoFAQ qualifications value for money

How would you rate AoFAQ's marketing support service?

95% stated that AoFAQ's marketing support service satisfied their needs

How would you rate the quality of AoFAQ support products? ie. PowerPoint presentations etc.

92% of our Centres rated AoFAQ's support products positively.

Overall, how satisfied are you with AoFAQ First Aid Books?

87% of our Centres were satisfied with our First Aid Books

How likely is it that you would recommend AoFA Qualifications to a friend or colleague?

94% of our Centres said they would be happy to recommend AoFAQ to a friend or colleague

Overall, how satisfied are you with AoFAQ's qualifications?

88% of our Centres said they were satisfied with our qualifications